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Setting up stock unit

Each item in inventory has Units of Measure that defines the unit quantity. Given the base unit of measure, item can also use other Units of Measure.

For example, an item with base unit of PCS, this item unit can be converted into BOX which is made up of 12 PCS, or Carton that consists of 4 BOX or 48 PCS, and so on.

To configure stock unit of measure for the example.

  1. Go to menu Master > Stock.
  2. Click on icon in Code. Choose item.
  3. In Base Unit, choose EA.
  4. Click on Unit tab panel, unit stock configuration list will be displayed (if configured).
  5. Add new stock unit: Click under Unit Column, select BOX. Then enter 12. 
    Then add another, click under Unit Column, select CTN. Then enter 48.

    Remove stock unit: Click on the row, press Delete button on the keyboard.
  6. Click Save.
Last update: 30-Dec-2022