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Start using Swift

When beginning Swift, set up in five easy steps below.

Basic information

Company profile and setting up invoicing.

  • Company profile: Enter company information in Master > Company Setup.
  • Invoicing: Setting up invoice numbering and upload invoice logo in Master > Company Setup and Master > Settings (Invoice).


Manage financial and tax settings.

  • Fiscal period: Set fiscal period in General Ledger > Account Codes > Setup.
  • Tax: Manage tax and tax code, and set whether transactions are tax inclusive or exclusive in General Ledger > Setup, click Tax & Charge.
  • Date lock: Set period to lock transaction modification in Master > Date Lock.

Chart of account

List of organization financial accounts used to record transactions.

  • Chart of account: Manage chart of accounts in General Ledger > Accounts Codes > Accounts
  • Account codes: Setup account codes in General Ledger > Account Codes > Setup.

Stocks and transactions

Add opening accounts, warehouse and stocks.

  • Opening accounts: Add opening payable and receivable in Transactions > Opening Accounts.
  • Warehouse: Add new warehouse in Master > Stock > Warehouse.
  • Stock: Add new stock and opening balance in Master > Stock.

User and access

Add user and manage access roles.

  • User: Add new user in Master > User.
  • User Access: Manage access roles for each user in Master > Role.


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Last update: 16-Jan-2023