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Tips and tricks on Swift Accounting, Point of Sale, and more.

How Profitable is an Investment: Understanding and Calculating ROI

ROI provides valuable insight into the financial performance and efficiency of your business initiatives.

When do you put parentheses around a number?

In accounting or finance, parentheses are commonly used to indicate negative numbers or values.

How to Create an Accounting Journal: What you need to know about Accounting Journal

Journal is a record of financial transactions carried out in a business and is the main recording system used to organize and store all financial information.

What is a General Ledger Account?

A general ledger account is a record in a company's financial accounting system

Ultimate Guide to Inventory Systems: Improving Business Performance

Stock inventory is the goods and materials in a business available for sale or use in its operations.

How to Create a Chart of Accounts

A well-structured and organized financial system is essential for any business's success.

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